Vegetation Monitoring
French Fire
Shasta County, California
Clients: Bureau of Land Management, Redding, California
Western Shasta Resource Conservation District, Anderson, California
TES staff conducted vegetation monitoring following the 2004 French Fire that occurred in, and around, the community of French Gulch, in Shasta County, California.  The monitoring was conducted on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management in accordance with the recommendations in the Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) report conducted by the interagency BAER Team.  The purpose of the monitoring was to document the response of herbaceous aerial seeding efforts and to determine the woody vegetation response within the moderate to high-severity burn areas.  A report was produced that included the results of the monitoring along with recommendations for future management actions.  TES staff were subsequently retained to conduct an additional year of monitoring and produce an addendum report.

After the French Fire - December, 2004

After One Growing Season - June, 2005