Riparian Restoration Design & Monitoring
Lower Clear Creek Floodway Rehabilitation Project - Phase 3B
Shasta County, California
Clients: California Bay-Delta Authority, Sacramento, California
California Department of Fish and Game, Redding, California
Lower Clear Creek Restoration Team, Redding, California
Western Shasta Resource Conservation District, Anderson, California
TES staff were recently selected to produce riparian revegetation designs for Phase 3B of the Lower Clear Creek Floodway Rehabilitation Project, located in Shasta County, California.   TES staff was selected by the California Bay Delta Authority (formerly CALFED) the California Department of Fish and Game, and as members of a private and public agency restoration team, to conduct the work as part of a $3.5 million stream channel and floodplain restoration directed action proposal.  The project also includes geomorphic, fisheries and avian restoration and monitoring elements that are being conducted by other agencies and private organizations.  In addition to producing riparian revegetation designs, TES staff will also be conducting a riparian habitat site assessment, assisting in revegetation implementation inspection and conducting three years of revegetation success monitoring.

Lower Clear Creek